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  8th Annual National School Safety Conference  
  1. Brian Bock
  2. Jeff Kaye
  3. Lorraine Termini
  4. Michael Colegrove
  5. Orange County Sheriff's Department
  6. Scott Poland
  7. Travis Martinez

In addition to the attached handouts, the following are instructors that taught at the 2013 National School Safety Conference: (David Ouellette) (Jo Moss) (Brigit Pfeifer) (Chief Jerry Chandlee) (Linda Sleeper) (Debra Laliberti) (George Elrod Jr.) (Daniel Shinoff) (Ryan Regis and Jenny Howe) (Mike Rudinski and David Gardiner) (Ray PRice) (Scott Brown) (Michael Steel) (Robert Norman) (Andrew O"Reilly) (Mary Cortes) (Chief David Rider) (Alice M. Frost, Ph.D.) (Chief John Edmundson)

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