School Safety Advocacy Council Mission Statement  

The School Safety Advocacy Council is a team of dedicated individuals who work closely with your agency, district and or organization to help you achieve the results you need. The School Safety Advocacy Council advocates public policy in legislative and regulatory arenas and works to promote safe and secure school and community environments. We have learned that there are five primary reasons communities, schools and law enforcement choose to work with us:

1. We are passionate about our clients and their causes.

We want to make a difference in the nation, and all of our staff and advisory board are volunteers in the community and school safety sector. Consequently, we have an unusually fine-tuned understanding of the issues and challenges facing our clients.

2. We understand school and community safety sector.
We view ourselves as leaders in the school and community safety industry. While others may boast on the fact that they are a not-for-profit organization, the fact remains there are no other individuls in the nation have the reputation and experience as those who serve for the School Safety Advocacy Council.

3. There are no junior consultants at the School Safety Advocacy Council.
The members of our team have acquired an average of 20 years of hands-on, professional school and community safety experience. Collectively, we possess intimate knowledge not just of school based policing, but the much more broad topic of school and community safety. We are not a group of individuals who turned school safety expert overnight, our team has been in the field with actual experience longer than any other school safety team in the nation.

4. The School Safety Advocacy Council in a multi-discipline approach to school and community safety.
The talent and breadth of experience of our team ensure that, collectively, we are able to help you meet any special challenge or issues that may arise. In addition, we collaborate with law enforcement agencies, school districts and towns/communties to provide ancillary services so you can benefit from our integrated training and consulting programs.

5. We are fully accountable for and update our work/service on a continual basis.

We have built a system that ensures accountability to our partners and have a reputation to prove it! The School Safety Advocacy Council continually updates its work product and curriculum to maintain its standing as the #1 training provider for school safety professionals in the nation.

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